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No, the police don’t work for you. “The police are worthless, I don’t know what we’re paying them for.” That familiar despairing lament was voiced by a friend here in Payette, Idaho after his family had lost $20,000 worth of property in a burglary. The crime was solved before the police intervened. Some of the pilfered property was still in the possession of the suspects who admitted it didn’t belong to them. Working on their own initiative, my friend and his adult daughter, the primary victim, tracked down more of the stolen goods at local yard sales and garage sales. A phone call to the Payette Police Department led to a visit by an officer who was curteous professional, and provided no practical help of any kind….

According to the video the creation of the first police force by Robert Peel as the London Metropolitan Police was an offshoot of a special unit of 20,000 troops he commanded while acting as Occupying Military Governor of Ireland whose goal was “pacifying a recalcitrant population”. Learn more about the history of policing, who the police actually serve, and what might be some alternatives to the current system.

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