[Editor’s Note:  While the article makes clear that Costa Rica is far from being the exemplar of a voluntarily society (i.e. it mandates compulsory voting), it nonetheless seems a noteworthy example of a society which has successfully defended itself and continues to operate without the need for a standing army.]

Source:  IEET.org

The forthcoming film, A Bold Peace: Costa Rica’s Path of Demilitarization,  should be given every possible means of support and promotion. After all, it documents the blatant violation of laws of physics, human nature, and economics, as understood in the United States—and the violators seem positively gleeful about it.

In 1948 Costa Rica abolished its military, something widely deemed impossible in the United States. This film documents how that was done and what the results have been. I don’t want to give away the ending but let me just say this: there has not been a hostile Muslim takeover of Costa Rica, the Costa Rican economy has not collapsed, and Costa Rican women still seem to find a certain attraction in Costa Rican men.

How is this possible? Wait, it gets stranger.

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