Source: Libertarian Prepper

Not that explaining who would build the roads absent government is particularly difficult, nor is it even the most interesting aspect of a Stateless society, but this question is raised so frequently by the anti-freedom crowd that it has become a sort of mascot for Statism.So let me try to not just provide a brief answer, but also see if I can help you extrapolate the reasoning to other goods and services.

First though, a quick definition. I’m defining government as a coercive entity that plunders wealth by force, and redistributes it on projects of various kinds, from infrastructure and bribing voters, to war and weapons of mass destruction. I am not talking about all systems of organization (as some people seem to define government that way). Therefore, firms can exist without a government, since people in firms earn their living by providing goods and services other people willingly pay for. They don’t need to point a gun at anyone’s head to earn a living.

The Engine of Self-Interest

As with all problems on a free market, the greatest (though not the only) engine of problem solving is self-interest. The farmer may have lofty goals of feeding others, but he’s mostly there to earn a living for himself, and whether or not he wants to help his fellow man, on a competitive free market he must provide a good product at a good price or nobody will buy it from him. His ability to satisfy his own self-interest is therefore primarily guided by the satisfaction of the self-interest of others. Markets are therefore inherently altruistic.

So, let me quickly summarize the people who would have a very strong motivation to build roads. We will also look at the mechanisms they can employ to finance this road building. …. Continue Reading.