Source:  The Dollar Vigilante

I am going to make this as short and simple as possible because I know 99% of people are too busy to put much thought into solutions.

However, if you read this, you will have an answer that will rid the world of police brutality forever and it can start tomorrow. In one town, as you’ll learn below, it’s already started.


Question: How long has police brutality been around?

Answer: Ever since there was police.

Sure, some places its better and some places it is worse.

But, have you ever noticed when you have a problem and you keep trying to fix it and it never works… then, what you realize, was that you had the wrong concept?  As a simple example, when you try to remove the lid off a jar of pickles and you try and try but just can’t?  Then, finally, you realize you were trying to turn it the wrong way!  Once you understood how it worked, the solution was easy.

It’s the same with the police brutality question.  You keep trying to fix it and fix it but never can.  Why? Because you’ve got the wrong concept.

Here is the answer to stopping police brutality:   …. Continue Reading at The Dollar Vigilante